Your Internet Connectivity is Really Resilient

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The probability of a real hard failure of primary internet connectivity has turned out to be shockingly low. High-transmission capacity stand-by repetition and computerized fail over have evolved to be ordinary for even medium-size organizations. It is true that the periodic construction team can get us called to the CIOs office when an excavator severs multiple fibers and repairs may take numerous hours in a sloppy trench. That is about the best way to thump us genuinely disconnected from the net, in any case, and not the kind of blackout we usually stress over. Rather we tackle different quiet cuts, sometimes for the entire day, without knowing it.

An expert from the Best SMAC security institute in Delhi cyber security explains that, “The best reason for transmission breakdown and execution issues is the very stoutness of the net itself.” At any given time, even the basic transmission ways between endpoints in the same metro region may have a large number of potential routing permutations, determined one packet at a next-bounce time. It’s a vague routing table chess game, played by all the participating frameworks in the way. Furthermore, where once hop option multiplication was restricted by the expense of reconfiguring carrier networks, which is no more the case. Carriers now automatically deal with their internal systems/networks, making and pulverizing various routes because of particular demand.

Furthermore, when the basic fabric that we progressively rely on upon for essential administration activity is so unstable, it’s too simple for a single errant link to make genuine end-client pains that are hard to investigate, particularly outside your firewall. For instance, if your key ISP keeps up dynamic load balancing of four multi-homed ways between backbone hubs, one may feel relieved. However, in case only one of those connections begins dropping packets because of clog, clients would encounter a 25% packet trouble, soundlessly.



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The Future Seems Bright for Information Security Professionals

Researches have revealed that the number of cyber-attacks is going to increase in the near future and as a result of this the demand for professionals who are expert in preventing such activities is also going to soar high.

Experts from one of the best information security training center in India have said that more than two lakhs information security job positions are vacant and the reason behind this is the shortage of people who possess full knowledge about this field. Moreover, after analyzing the current situation, it can be said that the demand for positions like information security professionals is estimated to grow by 63 percent in the next few years.

This is a well-known fact that the level of competition has become excessively intense in almost all the spheres of the business world. Therefore, in order to survive in this dynamic business environment many organizations are indulging into unethical activities such as hacking the database of their competitors. This has scared the business world and most of the organizations have developed a constant fear of being attacked by external forces, so they take the help of information security professionals in order to safeguard their data and important information. As an immediate outcome there is an urgent need to hire information security professionals on a large scale.

Experts say that this rising demand of information security professionals is helping the professionals to fetch fat paychecks. It is worth noticing that employees working in this field are getting better salaries in comparison to other IT jobs. After considering all the aspects it can be said that the future is exceptionally bright for people working in the field of Information Security.

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Post Graduate Diploma In Information Security

ATL Masters Program is a 2 year diploma/degree program which is an initiative to bridge the gap between industry and academia by integration of learning and technology. This program is aimed to equip its students with all the necessary knowledge, theoretical as well as practical, which can benefit them tremendously in managerial and administrative jobs.

Course Features:

  • Student’s service Portal dedicated for each student giving current market updates, daily job openings, and general books for knowledge.
  • Training Sessions through Experienced Faculties
  • 100% Placement assistance through ATL’s dedicated placement cell
  • Half Year dedicated to Internship/Project Work.
  • Personal contact Sessions
  • Study Material with world class content
  • Practical Experience fulfilling Industry Requirements
  • Credit based evaluation of Course
  • Video conferencing Facility available (VSAT sessions)
  • Scheme of Examination is online

Eligibility: Any degree/graduates from a University.

Job Opportunities:

  1. Network Security Professional
  2. Cyber Security Professional
  3. Network Security Consultant
  4. Informational Security Professional
  5. IS Executive
  6. Information System Auditor
  7. Network Security Advisor
  8. Network Engineer
  9. Software Developers
  10. IT Specialists
  11. IT System Executives
  12. IT Consultant

Program Structure: 

C/C++ Programing Data Security
Operating System Network Security
Networking Web Security
Introduction to Information Security Desktop and Server Security
Protection from Intrusions
VAPT Information Security Management System
Computer and Internet Fundamentals Secured Programming
Data Structures DBMS
Computer Forensics Project Work
Cyber Law

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Homtech Plus Certification Program :Information Security training

Information Security Training

After the boom in Networking and Software jobs, the past two years have seen a sharp rise in the field of Information Security, Information Security is the latest buzzword in the industry and not without reason in the past five years the percentage of cyber crimes, data thefts, data losses, viruses and other cyber crimes have increased exponentially.

“Frost & Sullivan estimated that there are 2.28 million information security professionals worldwide. This figure is expected to increase to nearly 4.2 million by 2015. Budgets and spending are expected to increase in the next 12 months, and salaries showed healthy growth despite a global recession.”

Need for Information Security Training in the Indian market

Security Compliance is must for all companies with IT backbone. The requirement is high with organizations in IT/ ITES segment. Information workers lack of basic security knowledge. Information Security industry is going through an exponential growth rate. Current worldwide growth rate is billed at 21%. Higher salaries are been offered to professionals in IT security. Information security industry is currently over $100 B ($60 B in US, $ 20B UK, $4.5 B Japan, over $1.5 B India).

Job Opportunities:

  1. Network Security System Administrator/Manager,
  2. Network Security Engineer,
  3. Systems/Applications Security Executive,
  4. Web security Administrator/Manager,
  5. Security Auditor, Data security specialist,
  6. Chief Information Security Officer,
  7. Computer Forensics Investigator,
  8. IT Security Administrator/Consultant/ Manager,
  9. Security Certified Programmer,
  10. Forensics Investigator etc…

Course Content:


Unit 1: Desktop & Server Security
Unit 2: Windows 8 Introduction and SecurityUnit 3: Linux Security

Unit 1: Lan Security
Unit 2: Firewall Security
Unit 3: Internet Security

Unit 1: Introduction
Unit 2: Vulnerability Assessment
Unit 3: Penetration Testing

Unit 1: Virtual Private Network Security
Unit 2: Wireless LAN
Unit 3: Router Security
Unit 4: Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Unit 5: Access Control

Unit 1 : Malwares
Unit 2 : Network Intrusions
Unit 3 : Art of Googling

Unit 1: Introduction
Unit 2: Data Backup
Unit 3: Cryptography
Unit 4: Stagenography
Unit 5: Physical Security

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Undergraduate Diploma In Information Security

ATL Education Foundation: Information Security Training

Pathfinder 3-year Undergraduate Program goes by its name and finds a career trail for undergraduate students. It helps them to prepare with a strong foundation in core IT skills and professional and leadership roles in Information security.

Course Features:

  • Full Time Program with hands on practical sessions along with projects and assignments.
  • Industry Oriented curriculum
  • World class course content and study material
  • Industry Oriented with Internship/Project Work in the final semester
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • For those who are interested in Programming, Networking and Security
  • ATL’s internationally recognized certification

Who should attend?

The ATL Pathfinder course is a 3 Year Undergraduate Program in Information Security, which provides the students insight into the Networking, Security, and Programming aspects of Computers. This course structure has been designed for the students who are fresher in Computer world. They can be groomed as IT Professional and get a break in the IT industry.

Eligibility: 10 + 2 or ITI Certificate or diploma course after class 10 or any other equivalent course.

Job Opportunities:                                                                   

  1. Cyber Security Professional
  2. Information Security Professional
  3. IS Executive
  4. Security Advisors
  5. Software Developers
  6. IT System Executives
  7. Junior Programmer
  8. Assistant Software Engineer

Program Structure

Computer and Internet Technology Introduction to Java Programming
C Programming Data structures
Introduction to Information Security Data Security
Desktop and Server security Web Security
C++Programming Microsoft .Net
Data Communication & Networking Advanced Networks
Information Security Management Systems Network Security
Protection from Intrusions Cyber Forensics
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Internship/ Project Work
Cyber Laws & IT Acts
Secured Programming

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