smac security


SMAC security-Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud (SMAC), is a fitting course for every aspiring candidate who wishes to make a flourishing career in the field of social media, mobile technology, analytics and cloud computing. After completing this course, the SMAC professional will be prepared to build and sustain business relationships with geographically outlying enterprises. The SMAC training endows the candidate with detailed understanding of the individual technologies and platforms that drive innovation and resolve problems of an enterprise.
The SMAC Security in India is rapidly gaining popularity because it incorporates the comprehensive aspects of four key components that is Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud as one stack, known as SMAC stack. SMAC technology has emerged out to be one of the most preferred enterprise IT-models that ensure connectivity and collaboration with each module. The acquaintance of SMAC gives a leading edge to an individual and amplifies the career prospects in the job market.

After completing training in SMAC, the professionals will be able to:

  • Define SMAC and its scope
  • Explain Social Media Marketing and its impact on businesses
  • Describe SMAC components and their scopes correspondingly
  • Explain influence of Big Data and Analytics in businesses
  • Explicate Mobile platform and its uses in different industrial sectors
  • Describe Cloud Computing and its benefits to companies
The course is bound to develop and enhance your skills to help you acquire good job roles like consultants, online community manager, social media marketing manager, application developer, data analysts, social media content writer, data scientist, network engineer and many more.
In accordance with the latest survey, there is around 70% rise in the demand for the professionals having SMAC expertise. In addition, these professionals take home around 30% more salary as compared to the other IT professionals.

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