Smac security

What is SMAC Security and how important is it for upcoming days

What is SMAC?

SMAC is a concept that is built on the symbiotic integration of the four ends of technology- Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. It develops an ecosystem that allows businesses to enhance their operations and maximize their reach to the customers with minimal overhead. Also, the fusion of these four wings unleashes a surge of new ideas for business innovations regarding workflows, methodologies, services and products.In short, the SMAC technology is a comprehensive and a single tool that provides a holistic solution for businesses.

What makes up SMAC?

A quick review: SMAC is a concept where four ingredients come together to allow businesses to derive new insights about their customers’ preferences and behavior. Those ingredients include the following:

Social networking 

Social data includes information harnessed from the likes of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Yammer to uncover the “timelines” of a customer base: What they talk about, what they are interested in, what they are looking forward to and what are their basic family demographics, all of which can especially be gleaned with the help of a vendor like DataSift.

Mobile devices.

Mobile devices are the cornerstone of how new business is being built. Mobile devices allow users to constantly update their profile, stay aware of deals and promotions, and track locations and buying habits by virtue of connecting to various wireless signals and near-field communication (NFC) devices.

Analytics programs.

As databases have grown larger and processors and memory have become capable of chewing through hundreds of millions of records in a short time, we have begun to see how analytics can do more than just track clicks. Analytics can establish links between entities and make intelligent predictions about customer behavior based on knowledge a system has about a customer — knowledge that has been informed by social networking.

Cloud computing.

The cloud element of SMAC refers to the capability a business has to spin up vast amounts of capacity that are paid for by the minute or hour. Businesses do not need to spend millions of dollars building another data warehouse – they simply rent it from a cloud provider, do their work and turn it off. When the business environment changes, they simply spin up another cluster in the cloud, pay another few hundred dollars and continue building insights.

Future of IT will be driven by SMAC stack and connectivity

Understanding the future of IT begins with understanding what products and technologies will take center stage in the coming years. Although there are no safe bets, examining current trends and projections can help paint a picture for how IT is evolving.


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