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Leading IT security training provider, ATL Foundation has been providing comprehensive training to prevent cyber attacks, and help business protect their confidential information from online threats.

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Cyber attacks and crime has become very common these days. As every business has online presence online, it has become important to secure your business from such cyber threats, and purse your operation in safe and secure environment. In order to help them, ATL Foundation has been providing comprehensive IT security training against cyber attacks so that every business could detect and combat the attacks and safeguard their businesses.

The training includes hacking Protection with the explicit permission of the company whose system is being attacked. Hacking Protection often performed by white hats or skilled computer experts using them for defensive purposes.

You need to have programming skills to determine vulnerabilities in computer systems While the Hackers or black hat exploits these vulnerabilities for mischief, personal gain or other reasons resorting to malicious or destructive activities. The security specialist of ATL Foundation points them out, and may suggest changes to systems that make them less likely to be penetrated by black hats.

A good knowledge of protection from hacking can help aspirants to build a successful career in many big and small IT firms or other corporate firms. The future prospect of security specialist is bright as more and more companies are taking all possible steps to ensure security of various data and networks.

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Your Internet Connectivity is Really Resilient

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The probability of a real hard failure of primary internet connectivity has turned out to be shockingly low. High-transmission capacity stand-by repetition and computerized fail over have evolved to be ordinary for even medium-size organizations. It is true that the periodic construction team can get us called to the CIOs office when an excavator severs multiple fibers and repairs may take numerous hours in a sloppy trench. That is about the best way to thump us genuinely disconnected from the net, in any case, and not the kind of blackout we usually stress over. Rather we tackle different quiet cuts, sometimes for the entire day, without knowing it.

An expert from the Best SMAC security institute in Delhi cyber security explains that, “The best reason for transmission breakdown and execution issues is the very stoutness of the net itself.” At any given time, even the basic transmission ways between endpoints in the same metro region may have a large number of potential routing permutations, determined one packet at a next-bounce time. It’s a vague routing table chess game, played by all the participating frameworks in the way. Furthermore, where once hop option multiplication was restricted by the expense of reconfiguring carrier networks, which is no more the case. Carriers now automatically deal with their internal systems/networks, making and pulverizing various routes because of particular demand.

Furthermore, when the basic fabric that we progressively rely on upon for essential administration activity is so unstable, it’s too simple for a single errant link to make genuine end-client pains that are hard to investigate, particularly outside your firewall. For instance, if your key ISP keeps up dynamic load balancing of four multi-homed ways between backbone hubs, one may feel relieved. However, in case only one of those connections begins dropping packets because of clog, clients would encounter a 25% packet trouble, soundlessly.



Net Neutrality Decision

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A historic day for network neutrality: June 14, 2016. The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia maintained the Federal Communications Commission’s network neutrality rules. The principles, adopted in February 2015, renamed Internet administration under Title II of the Communications Act, basically deciding that broadband Internet administration access suppliers are common carriers. The Benton Foundation has portrayed those tenets as the “best duty ever constructed to safeguard and secure an open and free Internet.” The Appeals Court has said: net neutrality is here to stay.

Rules of Net Neutrality

No Blocking: Broadband providers may not block access to legal applications, contents, non-harmful devices and services.

No Throttling: Broadband providers may not hinder or corrupt legal Internet activity on the premise of applications, contents, administrations, or non-harmful gadgets.

No Paid Prioritization: Broadband providers may not support some legitimate Internet traffic over other legal activity in return for considerations.

The FCC additionally upgraded transparency rules and applied the guidelines to remote broadband administrations, as well. Likewise, the guidelines include:

A Standard for Future Conduct: A general Open Internet conduct standard that ISPs can’t harm edge providers or purchasers.

Increased Protection: Some data services don’t go over the general population Internet, and in this manner are not “broadband Internet access” administrations subject to Title II oversight. Broadband suppliers’ transparency revelations cover any offering of non-Internet information administrations – guaranteeing that people in general and the Commission can watch out for any strategies that could undermine the Open Internet rules.

Interconnection: The principles empower the FCC to hear grievances and make appropriate implementation move in case it decides the interconnection activities of ISPs are not simple and sensible, in this way permitting the Commission to address issues that may emerge in the trading of activity between mass-market broadband suppliers and edge suppliers.

Impacts of this decision –

Consumer Privacy

As of now, the FCC has proposed protection rules for broadband suppliers, checking the ability of organizations like Verizon and AT&T to gather and share information about broadband endorsers. With renaming, broadband suppliers now confront desires they once could securely disregard since they were not considered information transfers bearers.


Two of the three judges concurred that wireless broadband administrations are also common carriers subject to hostile to discrimination and blocking rules. This could influence some rising industry practices.

Rate Regulation

Ostensibly the greatest risk to broadband suppliers is the capability of any regulation of the rates they charge for the administration. The FCC has guaranteed it won’t force broadband rate control.

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IP Traffic Will Go Beyond 2 Zettabytes By 2020

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Figuratively, more than one billion new Internet users along with more novel devices will drive annual global Internet traffic to 2.3 zettabytes by 2020, up from 870 exabytes in 2015, as stated by Cisco’s latest Visual Networking Index.

Released lately, the yearly forecast report indicates that the number of Internet users will multiply to 4.1 billion in four years, more than three billion last year. Owing to the number of private computing devices going up, in conjunction with growing machine-to-machine communications, networks will hold 26.3 billion devices and connections in 2020, more than 16.3 billion in 2015, according to embedded robotics best cyber security institute in Delhi. Certainly, the number of devices connected to IP networks will be in excess of three times the global population, with 3.4 devices per capita.

In addition, the Internet of things has a big role to play in driving IP traffic, the prediction shows. On a worldwide basis, M2M connections will develop to 12.2 billion in four years, up from 4.9 billion. Out of all the IoT applications, the health consumer division – apps like health monitors, medicine dispensers, and telemedicine — will witness the greatest growth and the allied home segment will make up the major volume of M2M connections.

Internet video will compose 79% of worldwide Internet traffic by 2020, up 64% from 2015. Video will account for 66% of business Internet traffic in four years, up from 44% last year. The report also demonstrates the expansion of mobile networks. In 2015, devices connecting via WiFi and cellular produced 62% of Internet traffic; Cisco expects that percentage to nurture to 78% by 2020.



Digital marketing skills are the new and the most important  USP in the job market these days. Someone with a know how of digital marketing straight away scores far more than someone who is not equipped with digital marketing skills.
Even if both are employed the one with the digital marketing background is likely to have  a bigger package than others.
Here is a look at the four promising benefits a career in digital marketing offers

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SMAC security-Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud (SMAC), is a fitting course for every aspiring candidate who wishes to make a flourishing career in the field of social media, mobile technology, analytics and cloud computing. After completing this course, the SMAC professional will be prepared to build and sustain business relationships with geographically outlying enterprises. The SMAC training endows the candidate with detailed understanding of the individual technologies and platforms that drive innovation and resolve problems of an enterprise.
The SMAC Security in India is rapidly gaining popularity because it incorporates the comprehensive aspects of four key components that is Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud as one stack, known as SMAC stack. SMAC technology has emerged out to be one of the most preferred enterprise IT-models that ensure connectivity and collaboration with each module. The acquaintance of SMAC gives a leading edge to an individual and amplifies the career prospects in the job market.

After completing training in SMAC, the professionals will be able to:

  • Define SMAC and its scope
  • Explain Social Media Marketing and its impact on businesses
  • Describe SMAC components and their scopes correspondingly
  • Explain influence of Big Data and Analytics in businesses
  • Explicate Mobile platform and its uses in different industrial sectors
  • Describe Cloud Computing and its benefits to companies
The course is bound to develop and enhance your skills to help you acquire good job roles like consultants, online community manager, social media marketing manager, application developer, data analysts, social media content writer, data scientist, network engineer and many more.
In accordance with the latest survey, there is around 70% rise in the demand for the professionals having SMAC expertise. In addition, these professionals take home around 30% more salary as compared to the other IT professionals.
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Know what’s changing in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an extraordinary to sail in the wave of competition. This brings opportunities for organizations who aim to succeed and turn out to be more established in the industry. Getting familiar with and working with the current and upcoming trends might prove to be important in a business’ success.

Knowing and applying the trends additionally means staying ahead of your competitor. Albeit some might see digital marketing as insecure and unstable, acquainting yourself the trends will have a major effect.

Efficient Content Marketing – Content marketing is at long last making its courses on becoming an extraordinary part of a viable digital marketing. Innovative and awesome content generates better leads and creates more traffic by grabbing customer’s attention.

Everything Mobile – Gone are the days when cellular telephones were simply used for sending messages and making calls. More clients lean toward using mobile phones with Wi-Fi and cellular data. This created more opportunities for organizations to fuse mobile marketing in their digital marketing systems. People are presently searching for organizations that can offer online services through mobile applications.

More Stress on Video Marketing – Organizations reach and convey more info to clients through videos with subjects that touch human feelings. Videos are successful in demonstrating the advantages offered by an organization to its clients or customers.

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New Payment Methods – Credit card was usually required to make payments in early days. This is no more the case for organizations that have advanced as of now. Digital Marketing now permits more than just payment through credit cards; it likewise gives choices like PayPal, debit cards, Cash on Delivery etc.

Ever Changing Technology – As technology is ever changing, wearable technology and augmented reality is starting to gain popularity. Coordinating this with digital marketing turns out to be an incredible move for organizations who need to achieve customers on a different level.

These trends can change every once in a while, yet will give you an edge from different organizations. Carefully following every trend guarantees not only high rate of return as well as high traffic and incredible leads. You can utilize these trends in making strategies for your organizations that will take your organization to next level.

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The Future Seems Bright for Information Security Professionals

Researches have revealed that the number of cyber-attacks is going to increase in the near future and as a result of this the demand for professionals who are expert in preventing such activities is also going to soar high.

Experts from one of the best information security training center in India have said that more than two lakhs information security job positions are vacant and the reason behind this is the shortage of people who possess full knowledge about this field. Moreover, after analyzing the current situation, it can be said that the demand for positions like information security professionals is estimated to grow by 63 percent in the next few years.

This is a well-known fact that the level of competition has become excessively intense in almost all the spheres of the business world. Therefore, in order to survive in this dynamic business environment many organizations are indulging into unethical activities such as hacking the database of their competitors. This has scared the business world and most of the organizations have developed a constant fear of being attacked by external forces, so they take the help of information security professionals in order to safeguard their data and important information. As an immediate outcome there is an urgent need to hire information security professionals on a large scale.

Experts say that this rising demand of information security professionals is helping the professionals to fetch fat paychecks. It is worth noticing that employees working in this field are getting better salaries in comparison to other IT jobs. After considering all the aspects it can be said that the future is exceptionally bright for people working in the field of Information Security.

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